Welcome my friends, to the Cityscape

Thousands of years ago, the cityscape spanned a large portion of the world, the base of a great empire. but never ending war took it’s toll on the world spanning civilization.

the empire fell, and it’s capital was utterly destoryed, now remaining as plains, forest and farmland, aswell as three remaining cities.

The great harbor, supported by the the empire’s trade network, remains the largest of the cities. however, Stratification of the classes remains high, and the city is rife with crime.

Belhurst, the City of the dead, rents space in it’s great grave feilds and massive catacombs to the cadavers of the ritch and famous

Finaly, Grand cross, the former Center of Magical learning, has been overrun by the spellcasting elite. trends are the currency of grand cross, and anyone who wants to wants to sucseed best have a few fireballs up their sleaves.