apearing perpahs twelve years old, this Creature gazes at you from atop a garden wall. her sholder length hair obsidian black with wisps of electric blue. contrasting sharply with her alabaster skin. Great blue wings like those of a draggonfly spread from


The embodyment of an urban Fae, Mischeif exists only to sate her own goals. she sides with whoever she belives will take her furthest, and wont hesitate to stick a knife in the back of anyone that gets in her way.

Mischeif is a theif and a trickster, breaking laws and enchantments just for the hell of it. the very nature of her being tells her to disrupt order, family ties, court ruleings, magical barriors. Mischeif is compelled to destroy anything that keeps anything the way it was the day before.

Mortals are playthings to Mischeif, this emphisized by her habit of turning them into rats with her Bayful polymorph ability and eating them alive.


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