The Vault

Jules raised the Ax to the alcove in the wall, still feeling the frightened Fey Spirit trapped inside, looking over his sholder, he received a Sollom nod from his warforged companion. Turning back to his task, he focused his mind on the ax, causeing the Jagged head to pulse with green blue light.

The sound of stone grinding agenst stone filled the underground complex, and a blast of stangnet air as the alcove opened, reveiling anentrance way.

the room was not very large, but upon the far was was yet another adamantine door, perhaps proveing that there was even more of this complex to be explored. In the center of the room was a Black crystal ball, held at eye level by a brantch of twisted iron.

As the three aqdventurers stepped into the room, a blinding flash of midnight blue overwelmed them,. evenutaly darkening untill all they could see was pitch black.

when the darkness finaly cleared, the sound of waves met their ears. had they been transported to the coast? was the compound filling with watter? one by one they opened their eyes, reveiling the new scene before them.

The light had deposteded them on some sort of cliffs, overlooking an alien sea. the stone was weathered and cracked, and the watters benith them looked so dark, they almost fused with the umbral sky above them, dotted with a few, greenish stars. choseing to enter a nearby cave, the adventurers found themselves in a wide open grotto. the ground shifed down one side of the massive cave, leading to yet another opening near watter level. across the gap, there apeared to be some sort of ruined temple, built into the cave wall, linked only by two rickety bridges.

crossing the bridge, the party was beset by a pair of serpent like creatures with leathery blue skin and upper bodies that resmbled those of men, thier hands ending in massive blades of sharpened bone. Defeating them was easy, but when jules attempted to use a wand to heal a small knick the worm creature had given him, he discovered the magic to be sickly and green, as upposed to the usual creamy warmpth.

Entering the temple, they discovered what apeared to be a man shrouded in black robes. when they aproached him, the man jumped as if electorcuted, turned to stare at them, then set of running through the mazelike rooms of the temple.

when Whisper and Jules managed to corner the figure , he melded through a wall, leaveing behind a small explosive pearl. this event repeted itself again and again, the figure alwase eludeing them.

Now the heros remain stuck in this strange new world, their half dragon companion still dazed from the red mist he inhaled within the demon Grex’s Domain.

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